pH BALANCER - Social Media Management
pH Balancer is currently the only Ocean Alkaline Ion Water in the market. However, the brand and product is not well known among Singaporeans as drinking water is easily available daily. Consumers may be aware of health claims about alkaline water but they may not be convinced as there are little studies to prove health benefits of alkaline water.
So to increase awareness of this product, we created content in bite-size explaining what is alkaline water and the benefits of it. When information is broken down into smaller segments, it helps consumers feel less information overwhelmed and helps increase knowledge retention. We came up with a content strategy where the Facebook page was to motivate consumers to live a healthier and better quality of life with content pillars of health, sports and lifestyle. These pillars were derived as the main TA for the brand were health-conscious and sporty individuals. With these pillars, we wanted the brand to educate consumers on how to live a healthier life and inspire a healthier lifestyle. Carousel postings were used to engage our target audience where we also included a CTA of where to purchase the product in-store or on e-commerce. Lifestyle trends and current news affairs were being utilised to increase relevance hence, helped consumers relate and resonate with the product better. By employing this strategy, the page received a significant increase in reach and engagement which outperformed the previous years.

April 2021

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