FITNESS BRAVO - Website Revamp

Fitness Bravo, a local boutique gym, needed a website revamp to reflect their updated identity after going through a brand refresh. Together with the project team at Fitness Bravo, Mashwire held discussions to understand its operating philosophy and explored ways to better portray their brand identity in the digital space.

Through these discussions, we found that, unlike other gyms, instructors at Fitness Bravo with different strengths are given the autonomy to customize their own fitness programs while delivering unified fitness goals. To highlight this area of differentiation, we created a webpage for individual instructors, featuring testimonials and write-ups on the vision each instructor had for their training.

Given that the gym is highly community-driven, we included a collaboration page such that users can access the ongoing cross-promotional activities offered by the gym easily. Ease of navigation was also improved and made more intuitive for users via the introduction of rating systems for workout intensity, categorizing and streamlining content from the previous text-heavy pages, as well as including easy-to-read outlines for each course. Not forgetting the primary goal of driving memberships, CTA buttons were included throughout the site to give visitors a quick route to conversion whenever they are ready.

Pairing the site revamp with an effective SEO & SEM strategy, we managed to achieve significant improvement in results for our client:

  • Increased page views, sessions, and unique visitors
  • Increased inquiries and leads within just a month
  • An average engagement rate of 198%, above SG’s average website engagement rate

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April 2022

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