For many professional architects, interior designers and contractors, it’s routine to receive product catalogues weekly from manufacturers of fixtures and visits from the sales team of such manufacturers. For these professionals, they tend to stick with the brands they are familiar with and product catalogues usually go unnoticed and tossed aside.
American Standard was facing a low conversion rate from their previous catalogues so they tasked the agency to help the brand to increase top of mind awareness.
The agency was given the uphill task to introduce the full range of products suited for different concepts, increase the brand’s credibility and become the preferred brand of bathroom faucets for professionals. Ultimately, it was to also create a purchase intent among professionals for American Standard.
We gathered these insights from doing research on the design journey and thought process: 1. The professionals turn to the digital space more than often for design inspirations. An integrated approach allows for multiple touchpoints. 2. Architects and interior designers think about the design inspiration first before considering which range of products and brands to use. They mostly search for design inspirations via books and online and trust a brand that focuses on design and inspirations. They use these “catalogues” to present their product/brand choices to their clients.
By hijacking the user journey earlier in the design process and being with them until the faucet selection stage (which is where brands will usually target), we manage to distinguish ourselves from competitors.
Digital platforms, content and copies were developed for each access such as on-the-go moments and sharing among the team of stakeholders.
Instead of the usual catalogue, we borrowed the concept of a coffee table book from the fashion industry to present a full content ecosystem comprising of these 4 elements: 1. Showcasing the design philosophy behind the product 2. Leading to different product ranges 3. Design inspirations or lookbook 4. Tools and testimonial to help them in the proposal creation process
This content ecosystem complemented the earlier strategy and allowed us to curate into different media formats to create interactions between brand and TA along their design process journey.
Instead of the usual product + product functions + product benefits route, we focused on the design inspiration which gave birth to the concept of windows to our dream bathroom.
In the coffee table book, we re-emphasise the critical role of the smallest space in the building/home/room, focusing on the emotional benefits derived from the space. While many spoke of dream houses, we bring attention to everyone’s dream bathroom.
The concept of this book was inspired by the window where the flipping of every page is an act of opening a window to discover a new dream made possible by the intricate structural design.
Next, the design inspirations were made into digital videos with animatics to help TA reimagine the space dimension and as inspiration nuggets to remind the designers and for easy sharing.
The e-copy features live interactive links to videos, tools, testimonials and gallery to target the group of professionals who are constantly on the go and for easy sharing among stakeholders. It also aids to supplement the experience of the physical copy by directly linking it to digital content.

October 2020

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