CETAPHIL - Product Launch EDM and Gamification
Cetaphil, one of the leading baby skincare brands in Singapore, introduced a new, gentle and nourishing range made with organic Calendula for babies and toddlers. The brand approached Mashwire to help with developing an eDM along with a mini-game as part of their loyalty programme (Cetaphil Friends). The objective was to generate product awareness of this new range and increase engagement with its members, whilst highlighting the new products’ USPs in an entertaining way.
First, we launched an eDM to introduce Cetaphil’s new product range to its existing customers and raise their awareness of the product’s benefits. Understanding that emails have different open-rates as consumers actively choose which emails to open, we crafted engaging eDM titles that attracted their attention and engaged with them. Each month’s eDM content was tailored to achieve specific goals, in the most streamlined, digestible way possible. For example, we utilised the concept of ‘breaking the myth’ to highlight the products’ USPs in the first eDM. Whereas in the second EDM, we tied it with the Calendula Game to showcase the key benefits of the Calendula range, through an engaging visual flow. This allowed us to achieve a high click-through-rate (CTR) amongst its email subscribers. Next, we created the Cetaphil Calendula Flower Hunt Game to further extend the audience’s engagement in a fun & interactive way. In the game, players need to collect as many calendula flowers as they can in order to earn Ceta Coins - the reward currency used in Cetaphil’s ongoing loyalty programme. With an attractive lucky draw open to players who play the game consecutively for a week, this attracted non-members to sign up to play the game, thus boosting the overall membership numbers. The product benefits of the new range were also shown at the end of the game to educate & raise awareness amongst its consumers. Overall, the campaign successfully managed to increase awareness of Cetaphil’s new launch, boost its membership rate for its loyalty programme and engage more with its existing consumers through a new & fun way.

August 2021

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