DUROTUSS - Marketing Collaterals
DURO-TUSS is the leading brand for the relief of coughs with a longstanding heritage of more than 25 years. The DURO-TUSS range includes liquid cough mixtures and lozenges designed to help relieve both dry and chesty coughs whether at home or on the go. The problem DURO-TUSS faced is the lack of differentiation between cough medicines in the market.
Most cough medicine brands would illustrate an image of an inflamed lung and respiratory tract, leading to cough symptoms. We realised that many consumers are unable to understand such illustrations and differentiate between product variations. There was a need for DURO-TUSS to localise. They reached out to Mashwire to help them differentiate their brand from its competitors and to make its products easy to understand for consumers.
Based on our consumer research, we observed that consumers select cough medicine based on credibility and functions as they are seeking for relief of the symptoms that they are already experiencing. By focusing on DURO-TUSS’ Unique Selling Proposition (USP), we communicated the functional benefits in a relatable and easy-to-understand way for consumers to understand. To make information easy to understand, a hexagon design was adopted. This made the presentation of information clearer, which worked well for the brand as they eventually adapted it to their local brand guide. Furthermore, while keeping scientific visual elements, colours like yellow were added to the visuals to make the brand give off a warmer image.

February 2021

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