HTWOO (H2O) - Dare to Dream With HTWOO Campaign
With a new packaging decked on their cans, HTWOO aimed to raise awareness of this new packaging change. To support the brand, Mashwire integrated the HTWOO Brand Manifesto that aimed to not just inspire consumers but also to build a brand identity for HTWOO.
The integration strategy was translated into a video content and was posted on the brand’s social media pages. The video was conceptualised to break the stereotype of the “right to dream” being reserved for “chosen ones”, driving a sense of empowerment as well as creating an emotional resonance to connect with the target audience. Being different or unique can be ‘lonely’, ‘repetitive’, and ‘painful’ but at the same time ‘rewarding’. Besides being emotionally provoking, the idea mirrors the brand’s new move - a transformation. A transformation that gives the brand a “new yet different” image. The integration of unconventional sports like esports, gymming, floorball, etc., was an attempt to ensure that the target audience is able to relate to the video and hence draw emotional resonance with the brand. The video also emphasised the value of being different and daring to dream. This provided an element of empowerment to inspire the target audience to dream beyond their passion and belief. This content positioned HTWOO in a consumer-centric angle while promoting the brand’s identity with their new product package. The brand was able to connect with its consumers while leveraging on emotional resonance, specifically to inspire and empower.

November 2021

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