LIANHE ZAOBAO - Fake News Education Campaign
Fake news and hoaxes have been around since before the advent of the Internet. However, with internet and social media, the rise of fake news, misleading sources, satirical content, clickbait and alternative facts have been overwhelming. Lianhe Zaobao (LHZB) identified this as an everyday challenge/problem that needed to be solved. In this social media campaign, the main objective was to increase digital engagement and interaction with the consumers.
Apart from that, LHZB wanted to change the brand perception that LHZB is for older people. First, we started by understanding consumer behaviour of the younger TA. Millennials and Gen Z prefer not to read in Mandarin and they consume news through social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook), or informal methods (e.g. Asia One, Mothership) instead of official news outlet like news portals, newspapers or television.
Therefore, to increase the followers of the younger target audience on LHZB social media, a series of social media content was curated to educate and increase the awareness of the page. A game was implemented to further educate consumers in a fun way, on how they can identify and detect fake news. By using gamification, LHZB Facebook Page increased awareness and engagement with the younger target audience. Through playing the game, users learnt that LHZB Facebook Page is an alternative informal way of receiving news, which comes from an official source that is both reliable and trust-worthy.
This campaign helped consumers increase the ability to tell accurate news from fake news, an important skill in today's digital world.

November 2020

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