NESTLE INFANT NUTRITION - Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Marketing
Nestlé Infant Nutrition (NIN) provides a suite of baby products. NIN has a loyalty programme, Nestlé Baby Club, to interact with mothers and retain them by having rewards and tips for them. NIN engaged Mashwire to create EDMs for their members, with the main aim of helping these mothers at every step of this new phase of life, from pregnancy to giving birth to nurturing the baby into a toddler.
After doing thorough research on the common issues that mothers face during their pregnancy, be it mentally and physically, Mashwire curated content for the EDMs that truly resonate with the mothers. This allows the brand to be part of their parenthood journey and speak to the parents at each important milestone of their parenthood journey. Mashwire decided to blast an EDM starting from Week 8 of the Pregnancy journey and subsequently at a four-week interval all the way to Week 40 of the Pregnancy journey. Each of these EDMs started off with addressing the mother’s name to add a personalised touch to the email. This is then followed by an estimation of the size of the baby in the womb in comparison to an object so that the mothers can better visualise and compare the size of the little human growing bigger each month. By doing this, the content will not only be more interesting to read but it is also more relatable to the mothers. This increase in relevance also led to an increase in open rate.
The bulk of each EDM mentioned some tips and common issues that mothers at that phase of pregnancy would possibly face. Mashwire also specifically mentioned some of the NIN products that are suitable for babies. This successfully allowed mothers to feel more guided and reassured along with this new phase of their lives, with NIN products and tips. With a consistent EDM format, it makes it easier to read and thus increases content engagement. Coupled with a clear call-to-action (CTA) at the various segments of the EDM, the EDM value-adds and engages the readers more, which increases the click-through rate. Mashwire also launched monthly EDMs for when the baby is born at one-month-old to eighteen months old and 24 months old. This portrayed NIN as the baby expert and as a caring ‘mentor’ to new mothers who might feel a little confused with the many changes they experience, both internally and externally. These EDMs mainly focus on tips for the child’s development and health, to allow mothers to make a more informed decision at every part of their child’s growth.

August 2020

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