NESTLÉ MILO® - I Just Love It!
To maintain its position as Singapore’s No.1 Nutritional Drink Brand, MILO wanted to continuously connect with consumers and cultivate brand affinity through building emotional connections with consumers.
Locally, MILO is a popular drink parents prepare for children to get them ready for their day. Our insights revealed that parents are driven to prepare their children for future success, regardless of age and life stages. This is similar to MILO’s relationship with her ambassadors, the bemedaled Joseph Schooling and Actor/Singer Nathan Hartono, when MILO powers their success. The strategy of the campaign was to draw a connection between the insights and consumer-relatable scenarios. Just as parents’ love is seen through the preparation of their children for future success, MILO’s role was to power dreams. This linked to the tagline “MILO. I just love it!”, which also translates to a love for the future and a love for success. With the MILO ambassadors as models for future success, the campaign exhibited MILO’s role of powering dreams, as well as how MILO provides energy to fuel success. In addition, we showcased facts that would help individuals understand how much energy is expended with activities related to achieving success, which further reinforced that MILO provides energy that fuels success.
The integrated strategy was curated across ATL, online and BTL to build connections with the target audience when they were most receptive. On TV, the campaign message was amplified through the establishment of how MILO played a role in the MILO Ambassadors and their journey to success. These TVCs also had an added effect of inspiring both parents and children alike. Online/Social content was differentiated from the TVCs. The campaign videos shouted out facts on energy needed to complete daily tasks to achieve success, to resonate with the target audience who was active on social media. In everyday scenarios such as school days and work days, the content explained that a work day requires the same amount of energy as swimming 80 laps, and a school day requires the same amount of energy as swimming 50 years. In this way, we reiterated that MILO energises consumers and fuels everyday success. BTL, packaging and designs leveraged the content from TV and online/social and brought them personally to the consumers. In store, MILO featured the ambassadors and visual elements (such as energy waves that visualized energy) which reinforced MILO as fuel to success. Through various channels, the campaign broadcasted the message that MILO is always part of your journey to success, and this successfully built affinity with the target audience. The campaign created chatter online, as well as online conversations between the MILO ambassadors, making for a more engaging campaign.

June 2018

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