OCEAN HEALTH - High Strength Omega-3 Liquid Key Visual & Media Kit
Ocean Health approached Mashwire to develop a key visual and media kit for influencers to launch its New Product High Strength Omega-3 Liquid. A key visual was conceptualised and developed. The main message in the KV is to communicate the convenience of the product with a spoonful daily is sufficient and it is ideal for adults and children who have difficulty with soft gels. It is odourless and has a natural lemon flavour.
These USPs were to be communicated through a single visual communication piece. The key design consideration was to ensure that consumers will be able to understand the key benefits of the product in one glance, and at the same time ensuring the visual remains attractive and authentic to a wide target audience.
A media kit was then carefully curated to be sent to influencers which consist of a media card, a salad mixing bowl with a salad fork. The intent was to show that the product is not only to be eaten directly but can be added to your daily meals for easy consumption. The media card was designed with an infographic to emphasize the product key benefits and included a recipe. Infographic format enhances knowledge retention and recall of viewers, helping them to remember the information better. This allows the influencers to engage their fans by raising awareness of the new product and educating them on the benefits with a secondary message of adding the product into your food.
After the launch, the carefully crafted key visual and infographics were well-received and delivered the right messages to the consumers.

March 2021

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