POKKA PTE LTD - POKKA Orange 1000 Social Media Campaign
POKKA approached Mashwire to launch a new product with a social media centric campaign. The objective of the campaign was to generate awareness of this new flavour extension for POKKA 1000 with its added benefit, Zinc. Apart from that, we want to educate consumers on the functions of Vitamin C and Zinc as well as to create a daily purchase habit by encouraging trial and conversion in-store.
We embark this campaign on a strategy to raise awareness of POKKA Orange 1000 by correlating the functional benefits of complementing Vitamin C with Zinc to efficacy and positioning the product as a daily convenient healthier beverage that complements the consumer’s hectic lifestyle. This was based on the research and insights we had of consumer needs which is efficacy and convenience. We first launched a teaser post which contains clues and a glimpse of something new were coming. Teaser posts help build excitement and expectation prior to a new product launch. Apart from that, we created a Product Launch post in a carousel format, where TA can swipe through the visuals and learn more about the product and its functional benefits.
A series of social media posts were also created to emphasize the functional benefit and convenience of the product. Social Media Contests were also held which helped to drive consumers in-store to purchase the product. An Instant Experience Ad was also created and curated which offers an immersive mobile experience for the consumers to engage with the brand. The ad first started with a video animating the oranges turning into a bottle of POKKA 1000. Emphasizing that POKKA 1000 is the easy and convenient way to get your daily requirement of Vitamin C. After that, we included a carousel showing the different food pairing combination, the perfect drink with any food at any occasion.
Lastly, leading the users to locate their nearest store to purchase their perfect convenient food pairing. The instant experience ad was designed and curated to echo the consumer insights emphasizing on the convenience and efficacy of the product. This campaign has garnered views from different social media platforms and directed consumers to where they can find the products on-ground to encourage trial / conversion in-store. The posts have educated consumers on the product functional benefits which are Vitamin C + Zinc and the convenient way in consuming your daily intake of Vitamin C, positioning the product as an alternative healthier beverage for the everyday hectic lifestyle.

January 2021

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