SUNSHINE BAKERIES - D24 Durian Cream Bun New Product Launch Campaign
Sunshine Bakeries launched a limited-edition D24 Durian Cream bun and engaged Mashwire for a New Product Launch Campaign. The products were launched right after the durian season so it could help with consumers’ durian cravings. We identified that buns are usually eaten as a breakfast staple, however, consumers do not prefer eating durian in the morning as they were concerned about the pungent smell.
Therefore, we closed the gap of the mismatched perception of bread and durian consumption occasions by reinforcing the role of the Durian Cream Bun in snacking occasions.
The packaging was first designed for the product where it features a trendy illustration style that appeals to both adults and children, evoking positive emotions. A fantasy theme was used in the packaging with a durian mascot symbolizing the King of Fruits. The design creatively puts together an emotional appeal and functional appeal which stands out from the rest of the Sunshine Bun range, making it a distinctive limited edition design. Apart from that, a key visual was conceptualised and developed putting together a fantasy world that consumers can take a break in while consuming the bun.
A series of social media content were then curated to capture the different snacking occasions. As durian is often seen as an indulgence, we want to encourage the consumers to feel good, be good to themselves and it is ok to indulge. As durian season is over, there is Sunshine D24 Durian Cream bun which can be purchased easily and is a ready-to-eat snack which can help satisfy the temporary cravings. We have also included a contest which encouraged consumers to show us their food photography skills with the Sunshine D24 Durian Cream bun. The contest helped to increase engagement with fans and increased purchase and trial of the product on-ground.
Apart from that, influencers were engaged to help raise awareness of the new product launch. A specially curated media kit with the product was sent to them where they engaged their fans by describing the taste and texture of the bun. This has helped in increasing consumer’s consideration and trial of the product as messages from influencers come across to be more authentic.
The campaign has successfully created chatter and excitement for Sunshine and durian fans. It has increased awareness and trial of the product from online to on-ground.

January 2021

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