A Decade in the Making: Mashwire's 10th Anniversary Celebration

Last year, we wrapped up our 10-year journey with gratitude and joy!

Over the past decade, we've built lasting partnerships with incredible individuals who've shaped our journey. To our cherished clients, your unwavering support has driven our success. To our workplace comrades, more than colleagues, you've been pillars of strength. A heartfelt nod to our suppliers/vendors, your reliability has been our backbone. And to our dearest friends, your camaraderie has made this journey joyous. Thanks for being an integral part of the incredible ride of the past 10 years.

To commemorate this milestone and to express our heartfelt appreciation, we have meticulously curated a special “10 sMASHing Years With You” Package that encapsulates the essence of our shared experiences, challenges, and triumphs. With our commitment to a consumer-first approach, we understand that clients and brands face challenges in marketing. Hence, we came up with solutions that can help brands better understand marketing. We felt the need to create something that would help them not only better understand marketing, but also, learn the tips & tricks of Mashwire’s trial-and-errors. That’s how we came up with the solution: the first-ever marketing card game and a marketing podcast series!

With deep gratitude, we extend this token of appreciation to everyone who has been by our side, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Mashwire's remarkable 10-year journey.

“10 sMASHing Years With You” Package

In a heartfelt gesture towards our clients, we curated a special package. Inside, clients discovered a personalised media card expressing gratitude, featuring handwritten "Thank You"s from each employee. The package also included practical items such as microphones and table whiteboards to enhance everyday work life. Strategically placed QR codes on these items provided direct links to Mash-Casters On Air, our marketing podcast series, creating a seamless connection between appreciation and content consumption. Additionally, each package included a set of our marketing card game, MarketMind: Strategy Game 4 Success, extending the learning experience beyond the digital realm.

Mash-Casters On Air

A standout feature of our anniversary celebration was the launch of the "Mash-Casters On Air" podcast series. Comprising 10 episodes, this podcast delved into various aspects of our story, from humble beginnings to becoming a leading integration agency. Topics covered included entrepreneurship, agency life, client experiences, marketing campaigns, trends, and insightful tips. The podcast, available on popular platforms like Spotify and YouTube with subtitles, caters to a wide audience, including commuters and visual learners, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to accommodating diverse consumer preferences in our consumer-first approach.

Engaging the Audience

Recognizing the challenge of attracting listeners to sometimes serious topics for our podcast, we took an engaging approach on social media. We commenced with announcements and celebrations of our anniversary, followed by teaser clips and amusing behind-the-scenes snippets from our podcast recordings. This strategy aimed to pique the audience's interest and build awareness for the podcast. To streamline the user experience, we created a dedicated website tab for Mash-Casters On Air. This centralized hub allowed audiences to easily choose their preferred platform – either YouTube or Spotify – for accessing the podcast content, providing convenience and accessibility.

MarketMind: Strategy Game 4 Success

Adding an edutainment flair to our celebration, we introduced "MarketMind: Strategy Game 4 Success," a card game crafted from our decade-long journey. The game incorporated insights gleaned from client feedback, experimentation with diverse strategies, and the impact of changing consumer sentiments on campaign execution. This innovative game not only served as a learning tool but also as an invaluable resource for marketers facing creative blocks.


As we close the last chapter of this book, we open another. With our ever-changing world of trends, Mashwire aims to continue being adaptable to provide our clients with the best solutions. A huge thank you to all our clients for their support!

Cheers to another decade of excellence!

January 2024

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